Summer in Sulden at the Ortler

The formidable Ortler group entices its visitors with numerous three thousand metre peaks and its very special flair of height. But not only through climbing tours will you reach your destination! From one hut to another lead captivating trails, and varied hikes through plateaus and pastures allow you to actively experience the fascinating scenery!

Hiking in Sulden

Sulden and the whole area surrounding the Ortler (3.905 m), are among the most beautiful and impressive hiking regions in South-Tirol.

Amidst all of this natural paradise surrounding the Ortler, our accommodation in Sulden is settled: The "Garni Appartements Des Alpes", which is a perfect starting point for pleasant hikes and more demanding climbing tours for everyone's requirement.

Your Host Andreas is a passionate hunter and hiker, who knows the mountains around Sulden like the back of his hand! He is always glad to aid you in your search for the best hiking routes.

Furthermore, Andi's special field of expertise is the so-called Ortlerfront. You will be amazed, how much he knows about its history, especially about its role as a protected position during the first World War...

If you don't want to explore the Stilfserjoch national park without help from a local, you can participate in guided tours that take place multiple times a week.

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Biking and Nordic Walking

If you don't want to explore the unique countryside of Sulden in your regular walking boots, you can stick to the many bike and MTB-paths. Those who seek thrill and a more demanding environment should check out the Goldseetrail, which is 28 kilometers long and leads from the Stilfserjoch to Glurns. You can also choose to overcome the 48 curves of the way leading to the Stilfserjoch, its highest point being the Joch itself at an altitude of 2.757 meters above sea level.

The Nordic Walking enthusiasts, too, will be offered many suitable routes for a healthful and fulfilling walking experience!

Family hiking and theme paths

In Sulden, there are also many hiking activities for families to be found, with different theme paths ensuring that it won't ever be boring. We will gladly give you additional information regarding some of them like the Wurzelweg or the NATURAronda.

Trail running

At an altitude of 1.900 meters, Sulden is a paradise for trail runners, making it an optimal place for a successful height workout! Trails at a height of up to 3000 meters make sure that even the most ambitious runners will not be disappointed!

Your host Michaela, who is a passionate marathon runner herself, will be glad to share her own favorite routes with you or even explore them with you together!

Walking across the Alps - from Garmisch to Lake Garda

If you are planning to walk across the Alps, you can enjoy some relaxing nights in Sulden's "Des Alpes"!

Here we have in advance two of Michis favourite running routes at the foot of the Ortler:

Short round of about 14 km: On the way Number 6, you pass the snack station "Waldruhe" to the "Kälberalm" and go back.
Long and sophisticated round of about 22 km: From the mountain station of the Langenstein chairlift, you go up to the Schaubachhütte at an altitude of 2.573 meters and back.

Here it goes to the cableways of Sulden